Thursday, July 5, 2007

Onto the Flats

We have been expecting to get out of the mountains and out into the flat Midwest for sometime now. I would have to say today was the first truly flat day, although yesterday wasn’t bad by any means. Today we rode from Cincinnati, OH to Saymour, IN, an 84 mile day, but the afternoon was flat as a pancake and temperatures were pleasant in the mid 80s. Everyone seems to be in very good spirits and the flat is a welcome change of pace.

A big shout out to our hosts in both Cincinnati and Saymour, Cincinatti was our first home stay, so we divided up into numerous different homes and got to sleep in real beds and have personal home cooked meals. A few of us went downtown to catch a Reds game or at least attempt to catch a Reds game, only 5 people actually went into the Great American Ball Park to catch the last 3 innings. Here in Saymour we are staying at the Immanuel Lutheran Church, which is a beautiful place and has an attached 1st through 8th school where we were able to shower. We were welcomed with a wide array of snacks including several kinds of home baked cookies. Geoff’s parents were also here to meet us along with Fox news, so its been an exciting afternoon, and as I write dinner looks to be shaping up in the kitchen, and I’m sure it will be amazing.

As always I like to include a few pictures from along our route. Today I didn’t take many as we were busy riding fast all afternoon, we averaged almost 20 mph after lunch. Yesterday I snapped some great pics though and they are included below.

The beauty of country roads with low traffic is that you can ride side by side and enjoy a conversation.

Sarah riding across the open roads.
Courtney and Alex enjoying a nice country road.

Brian enjoying the flats.

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