Friday, July 6, 2007

In the Heartland

As you know by now we’ve been riding through the Midwest for about a week now, but the past few days are when I’ve truly started to feel like I’m in the Heartland of America. Tonight we are staying in Pittsfield, IL, which used to be the pork capital of IL if not America, but due to issues on hog containment, the industry has moved elsewhere, but the tradition of Pig Days has lived on. As I sit outside just off the town square I can hear live country music blaring from behind the signature octagonal courthouse where President Lincoln once stopped on his court rounds before his presidency. I have to say I’m kind of proud to be able to sing along with all the tunes that are pumped out of the speakers. It just feels like a truly great summer night in Middle America. I’m even enjoying the humidity a little now as its not overpowering.

Tomorrow we have a relatively short day, around 40 miles into Hannibal, MO which not only means crossing the mighty Mississippi, but also crossing into the boyhood home of Mark Twain, and the setting of The Adventures of Tom Swayer. Rumor has it Tom Swayer days will be going on, so we hope to have a festival to attend after a short ride to Hannibal, which is also a welcome change from the hours we’ve been spending in the saddle cranking out 80+ miles a day as of late. Today turned out to be just over 88, but was relatively easy since the head winds of the day into Taylorville were missing, it was easier to crank the pace line up above 20 mph.

I’m off to enjoy some of the great live music and the warm summer night here in Pittsfield.


Anonymous said...

Reading this blog warmed my heart, Nathan. Enjoy the simple, yet so important, segments of everyday life! Stay strong, set an example worth following!
I Love You,
p.s. I saw 6 fox in one gathering on my morning walk today. What a treat!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Nathan, am following you each day.

In 1995 I pedaled from Arvada to Rock Island, Illinois for my 50th high school reunion. It took 11 days so I averaged about 88 per day. As you cross into MO you are going to encounter more hills.

Don Henke

Anonymous said...

Enjoy reading the blogs and seeing adventures through other people's eyes. We will see you in Lawrence as we cannot wait to see our son, Jerrod. Ruth

PS - we will have a few treats, but if anything in particular you would like to munch on, let Jerrod know so can bring them!!