Saturday, May 19, 2007

Habitat Build

Today I was able to do my first ever Habitat for Humanity build day, thanks to Rachel Winch for the hookup at the Habitat site. I rode the commuter rail out to Lawrence this morning with Danielle and we walked over to the site, which is actually a refurbish not a new build. We spent most of the day working on insulation, and insulated the entire stairwell and about a quarter of another room while we were there. The other volunteers were very friendly and it was a wonderful experience. I now know why people love to work on Habitat projects and am looking forward to the build days this summer.

My riding has been hit or miss for the past week as I finished up classes and some rain, but now that classes are over, and I don't have finals I'm expecting to rip up the pavement everyday if possible.

It has come to my attention that the mail link from my last post did not work so I'll try it again. Click here for the mail info.

Also the first trip starts their riding tomorrow so congrats to them, and my training partner Sabrina, on her first day of riding with the Central US crew.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Mail Call

Our trip finally has our mail stops posted :). We receive mail once a week, from one of the post offices in a town where we stop. This means that despite not having an actual address anywhere along the route all of the riders will be able to get mail. Directions on how to send cards or packages and a list of all of our mail drops can be found here. I'm getting ever more excited to go and rounding up the final items on my packing and spare parts list.

Donation Total: $6375.15