Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Beginnning

I am riding 3,634 miles from Providence, RI to San Francisco, CA this summer. Why you ask would someone want to ride across the entire country during a summer when I could work in an air conditioned office? Well it is part adventure, part service, and part transportation to graduate school (I hope). The trip will be with 29 other 'kids' between 18 and 24, through Bike & Build. The core purpose of the trip is to spread the word about the affordable housing crisis that faces this country, but it also allows the participants the chance of a lifetime to ride across the US and build on several affordable housing projects along the way. There is so much information I have to cover about Bike & Build and the cause it supports, and that info will slowly fill this blog over the next several months, but if you're too anxious to wait, check out the Bike & Build in the links list.