Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Alma, Nebraska

Internet along with cell service has been pretty spotty for the past few days. We've ridden from Wamego to Concordia to Lebanon (all in Kansas) and now to Alma, Nebraska. All of these towns are quite small, below 5,000 inhabitants for sure, Lebanon was the smallest with ~350. Right now I'm in the library in Alma to write quickly before heading back to the United Methodist Church where we are staying for the evening. The biggest change as of late has been the early wake up, we now rise bright and early between 4 and 4:30 and are on the road at first light some times before the sun actually comes up. I have a few great sunrise photos but they'll have to wait till I can get wifi to upload them. The milage the last two days has been fairly low, under 70 miles both days which is a welcome change from the 118 miles I and the two Dave's decided to do between Wamego and Conordia as we didn't want to ride 7 miles of dirt and the detour was much longer than the old man in the car told us it was. I'm also very excited because we're going into Colorado in 2 days. We'll be staying in Holyoke and having a day off there, so hopefully I can find some wifi and get a good long entry in with some photos. There is a line forming behind me so I have to go now.



Wonderful Mother said...

Can't wait to see you! I'm working hard at stockpiling food for all of you. The freezer is filling up! Ride safely and enjoy the cool of the early morning.
Love you,

Anonymous said...


Must be great to see your Mom and enjoy all those cookies she has been baking.

Welcome home to Colorado.

Don henke