Friday, July 20, 2007

Holyoke, CO

Today was our first day off since Taylorville, IL. A day off for us is a treat because it means we get to sleep in, or at least try after all of the 4:30 am wakeup calls as of late I woke up at 6 am, so a little more sleep but not too much. I had the treat of having my family come and visit today since we’re in Colorado and I’m excited as I’ll get to see most of them again by the end of the week. In the afternoon we also had the opportunity to go visit the Double W Dairy just outside of Holyoke and bottle feed some of the calves there and get a grand tour of the place which was fun. I’ve included a few pictures below.

Yesterday was more of the same of what we have been riding through for the last week, long straight roads with a slight uphill grade as we climb toward the Rockies. Cooper’s parents generously provided both first and second lunch on our 100 mile day yesterday. Lunch was excellent with the first stop at a nice park in Nebraska and then second lunch around mile 76 on a dirt road not far from the Colorado border.

As you know state borders are a treat for us and yesterday was no exception as I was part of a large group at the border we actually had enough people to spell out Colorado in front of the sign:

Everything else has been pretty routine with early wakeup calls and long miles in the heat. Birthday wishes go out to Eric who turned 21 last night here in Holyoke.

A few photos from the last few days:

The two Davids in the classic dare devil in a random field near lunch 2 on our day into Holyoke.

One of the calves from this afternoon and me bottle feeding another.

A beautiful sunrise as seen from the bike after an early wake up.

River crossing somewhere in Nebraska.

The three amigos at the completion of our first century on the day we rode a full 118 miles.

Me at the geographical center of the lower 48 just outside Lebanon, KS.

Mollitor on the road in the middle of nowhere.

Also get well wishes go out to Mr. Mollitor, I hope to see you and Mrs. Mollitor in San Fran in August.


Heather said...

Sorry to miss the family gathering, but so glad you made it to our home state... you're such a nice part of the "A" team! Talk to you soon -
Your Favorite Sister

Jerry said...

Glad you're in Colorado! Holyoke is a nice town. Hope you got our card.Stoneham is not a big town. There are a lot of missile sites north of it along highway 14. Maybe you'll see some of them. Have a good trip across Colorado.

Anonymous said...

Nathan: Keep up the good work and the beautiful pictures. Glad mom got to where you were with all her good food and salsa. You're getting closer to San Francisco.
Love ya,
MeMe & Poppy