Monday, June 25, 2007

A Compilation of State Lines

Our trip will be visiting 15 different states, which means 14 different state lines, since I don’t really count Rhode Island as having a state line since we started there. Each day that we cross a state line is a little bit of a celebration, another major step towards the Pacific. Today we crossed from Pennsylvania into West Virginia, and even on the small back road that we came in on the line was marked and we paused to take a few photos before riding the final five miles into Cameron, WV. Tomorrow we get to cross into Ohio, so another state line awaits for photos galore. Here are a few from our trip so far.

On a side note, I had a great find today, a Pennsylvania license plate as I was riding along US 40, a great memento from a long trip.

PS. Mom I realize it is halfway to Christmas today, I hope you celebrated, sorry I can't call, apparently Cameron, WV has no cell signal anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Happy Halfway to Christmas to YOU! Of course I decorated and celebrated, but I didn't get any Christmas cookies baked to distribute.
YOU look great by the Wild, Wonderful West Virginny sign. Is W VA really wild? Wonderful?
Keep riding safely,

MojoMan said...

Keep ticking off those state lines! Do you guys race and get points for them?

Anonymous said...

Hey Nathan,
It was great to see you last week. This whole trip seems like such a neat experience and I'm glad you're having such a great time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nathan: Great pictures again and especially ofyou at the W. Va. sign. Keep on trucking but be careful.
Love ya, MeMe

Anonymous said...

Hey Bud,
Nice to see that you are keeping up your observations and still taking great photos - even when you don't always have internet connections. Keep up the good documentation and ride safe!!
Love Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi, Nathan,
I am really enjoying reading your blog. Love the pictures and the great description of the trip. Thanks for helping us experience it from afar.

Drew's mom (tell him I said hello and be safe!)