Friday, June 15, 2007

82 miles down,

Since I last wrote we have done a build day, which was more of a landscaping/fencing day, but we were putting the finishing touches on a house in West Providence. We drove over in the morning and spent about 4 hours landscaping, planting, moving huge slabs of granite for a bench, and putting up two fences.

As you can see we moved a lot of dirt, and dug a few holes.

Finally Thursday brought what we had all been waiting for, riding. We left the church around 8:30, took a few pictures, then rode down to the Brown boat house. The ceremonial dip of our rear wheels into the Atlantic was followed by a motivational speech by a P2SF alum, and then we finally rolled out around 9:30. The day was a little over cast but fortunately the rain held off and we got to Plainfield, CT safely, with only a few minor incidents early in the ride.

Above is all of us outside of the church on Thursday morning. Below is Eric and I getting ready to roll from the Brown docks.

Thursday also brought our first state line, the RI/CT border, we briefly paused to chalk the road and snap a few photos before continuing our ride to Plainfield.

Thursday night the trailer was finally finished, and looks amazing. I think there are a few pictures of the other side in the previous post.
Friday was a great day, 47 miles from Plainfield to Middletown. We stopped for lunch 25 miles in and a local man graciously allowed us to use his front yard to chill and enjoy the sunshine and near 70 degrees that day 2 brought us.

We rolled into Middletown, around 2 after crossing a beautiful bridge, see Mariah above, and have all showered and dropped our stuff off at the accommodations for the night, St. Pauls Lutheran Church. I just finished up a few scoops of ice cream at Praelene's. Now its off to the bike shop for a few supplies, before a bike clinic for the kids and dinner tonight.

A shout out also goes to all the rider's and leader's parents who have been reading. Everyone is doing great and having fun.


Anonymous said...

Nathan: Great coverage. Super job. Keep it up. Love ya, MeMe

Anonymous said...

We're loving these updates, Nathan! Keep on pedalling! Love, Sharon and family

Anonymous said...

Glad to see some pics-they're great! Looks and sounds like YOU are having fun. Thanks for taking time to share your experience!
Stay Safe,

-dani- said...
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-dani- said...

something happened to my last comment :(

your mom reminded me of the blog - seems like you're enjoying the first part of the trip. i'm sure you have many more great miles to look forward to!


Anonymous said...

Great photos and commentary. We will enjoy watching your journey. Be safe and enjoy every minute of your adventure.

Gloria & Russ

Heather said...

Love the pictures! Glad you're off to a good start (and already eating ice cream) - hope things keep rollin' along smoothly... remember, you could always be at a desk job!
Your Favorite Sister

Anonymous said...

Nathan: Waiting for the next info. Can't wait to see where you are headed and what you see. Drive carefull. Love ya, MeMe